About Cocktail Consulting


Our team is full of people who have spent careers around cocktails. While drinking cocktails is an important part of our process, more importantly we have spent more time learning about, testing, and creating the perfect mixes for any given occasion. Our mixologists are focused on two core principles. One, that we only use local, fresh ingredients to create for the highest quality mixes. And two is that everyone of our mixes are unforgettably delicious and unlike anything you have had before.





Max Radbill

President / Founder

Max has always been interested in the hospitalty industry. While at a business outing he realized that every aspect of the event planning was flawless except for one thing; the bar! The drinks that were being served did not stand up to the quality of the event. Immediately August's Cocktail Catering was created. Ever since then Max has been obsessed with creating the best possible customer experience for everyone he works with.

August Radbill

COO / Co-Founder

August has always had a deep interest in fine dining and culinary creativity. That paired with his entrepreneurial spirit is what prompted him to start August's Cocktail Catering with his brother. His passion is working hard and making people happy and August's Cocktail Catering allowed him to do both of those things!