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Four Tips For Hiring a Wedding Catering In Boston

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 30, 2017 11:29:09 PM / by August Radbill

August Radbill

As we all know planning a wedding in Boston is extremely daunting. It is a constant tight rope between the things we want and our budget. In addition, generally when you add the word "Wedding" to anything the price sky rockets. Here are some helpful hints on things to keep in mind for wedding catering in boston:


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1. Determine Your Venue:

This is probably the most important thing to keep in mind and most times should be your first decision made. Of course, you are going to be working with a defined budget so what the venue option includes will be enormous. We recommend finding a venue that will provide things like lighting, tables, and most important catering.

2. Plan For The Worst:

The old adage is that if it rains on your wedding day it is good luck. However lets be honest, no one wants rain on their big day. In Boston the weather can surprise us no matter the season. Make sure your caterer is prepared for it to rain on your parade and has shelter where your food will be. A caterer that is familiar with the territory will be prepared for this type of situation because we have dealt with it before.

3. Plan A Strict Budget (And Stick To It!):

This is arguably the hardest thing to do for soon-to-be newly weds because the excitement can often times take over. Hiring a caterer is a cost that people often times underestimate. Being involved in the field you are not surprised when you see catering bills exceed 10k+. It is really important to understand what you are getting with the caterer and the survey your options. Getting creative is often a key. For example, buffet style options for your guest is often times an easier answer and takes a burden off yourself and the guest.


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4. Get Creative!:

Its a tired old play to just provide food and a bartender. The best weddings that I have ever been to did something different. Whether it was the band, the food, or the drinks. One way to stand out is to provide custom cocktails for your event. It is a great way to set yourself apart from other weddings that season and something your guest will certainly not forget!


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