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What Is a Cocktail Catering Service?

[fa icon="calendar"] May 11, 2016 10:50:40 PM / by August Radbill

August Radbill

Food Catering is for Food, Cocktail Catering is for Cocktails:

Most people understand the importance of food catering service for high end and important events such as weddings or corporate outings. What generally goes by the wayside is the bar. You would never trust a bartender to cook your meals so why would you trust a food caterer to provide cocktails. In the worst case senario (And in most cases) what you are left with is either just a bunch of random bottles of alcohol and if your lucky a big bag of ice or two. In best case senario you have an expensive bartender we will serve you mediocre drinks that are either too much alcohol or too much mix.

Cocktail Catering Service

The difference a cocktail catering service provides is the knowledge in expertise you would get from a professional mixologist. They will work meticulously to find the right balance in all of their cocktails to provide you with a truly unique experience.  In conjunction, if the Cocktail Caterer is worth his/her weight in salt they will source their ingredients locally to insure that you are getting the freshest and best ingredients. All of this will be provided to the specific event and made to order.

What you are left with is a cocktail that is unlike any you have ever had. You incorporate this to any event and what you will be left with is an extraordinary experience. Your guest will leave extremely pleased with their time, and whether they attribute it to the drinks or not, you can be assured that when asked about the bar, they will remember exactly what they had!


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