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The Difference Between Cocktail Catering and Event Bartending

[fa icon="calendar"] May 12, 2016 6:37:06 PM / by August Radbill

August Radbill

One of the biggest pit falls at any event is that quality of the drinks. As everyone knows, alcohol is the most important social lubricant at any party. It can be the difference between everyone having a wonderful time and mingling or sitting on the wall like they are at a high school dance. 

Event Bartending in Boston

One should not trust the quality of the drink menu to an amatuers. You want to make sure you have a trained professional who is going to stimulate people to drink through quality conversation. More importantly create delicious cocktails that keep people coming back for more. This is where event bartending comes into play. Hiring the right professional to come in who is charismatic and most importantly knows how to create a great cocktail is usually the difference between a good event and a great event. Make sure to hire someone who is trained in their craft and very passionate about people and having fun. 

If you have the means, this almost always is the best use of your money. Consider this as a quality return on your investment because this will always have people leaving in a great mood and remember the occasion as a complete success.


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