A Boston Catering Company (And Proud Of It!)

August's Cocktail Catering was born and bread out of Boston.  All of our drinks and inspirations have come from the people and places in this area. We locally source all of our ingredients and when at all possible try to provide liquiors from the area. 

In addition, we will happily custom make any menu as it relates to the experience you are trying to create for your guests. Our goals is that you have a world class customer experience.


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Corporate Catering 

And Why August's Is Best!

Everyone has been to a forced corporate event that they did not want to go to. Could you imagine how much better that event would have been if the drink menu was spectacular. Things that we focus on for your corporate event:

  • Creativity In the Menu
  • Working With Requirements 
  • Staying Within Budget!


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Wedding Catering Boston

Impress Everyone And Stand Out From The Others

Everytime I talk to a couple that is about to get married, the number one thing they are looking to accomplish with their wedding is how can I STAND OUT

Well the good news is it's not rocket science! Instead of hiring a tired old bartender to handout drinks, why not try amazing, fresh, and different recipes made by a trained professional.