Our Cocktail Menu


For Catering Boston, our cocktail menu is seasonal and based on quality ingredients. In addition to what is listed we are constantly innovating and have a desire to me make custom designed cocktails to match the theme or style of your outing or event. Our goals is for you to absolutely love the selection of drinks served at your party

August's Cocktail Menu

Corporate Coctail Catering 

The issue with corporate events is often times the social interaction can be forced. The first thing people generally flock to is the event bartender. However, the drinks are generally lacking in flavor.

Have a professional cocktail caterer will create a true experience for everyone involved. It turns a forced experience into one to remember.


Custom Cocktails

We specialize in making custom cocktails for every Boston occasion that are sure to be that are huge crowd pleasers :

  • Summer - Focusing on more of a Bourbon / Whiskey feel for the warm summer months. Or is it a cool rum or vodka drink that has you excited. August's Cocktail catering has a variety of drink specific to whatever makes you happiest.
  • Winter - Drinks made during this time can really serve as many different things. They can warm us up from the inside. They can reminds of Christmas time when we were young. The range of emotions that can come from a great winter drinkare astounding
  • Spring - Potentially the best time of year. The days are longer, the weather is turning, and everything is blooming. It is a wonderful opportunity to try your favorite spring cocktails
  • Fall

    Whatever theme you are  planning for August's Cocktail catering will be prepared to wow your guests.